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Q How long can people infected with HIV expect to live In the early days of the epidemic, the answer would have been simple--and hard to take. After becoming infected with HIV, people could expect to get AIDS within about 10 years, and then live only 1 to 2 years more. But things have changed dramatically since then. Without using HIV treatment, life expectancy is related to how quickly your CD4 count drops and how low it gets. Without treatment, some people see their CD4 count drop to under 200 within a few years of infection, while others people can go for 5-10 years or longer before they need treatment. See also Your CD4 count and the risk of becoming ill. Your body may take 2-6 weeks to produce enough antigens to be detected through a blood test. These tests have become quite popular in the United States. NATs These tests look for HIV infection in the blood and are capable of detecting the. Jun 16, 2022 Breast milk. For transmission to occur, the HIV in these fluids must get into the bloodstream of an HIV-negative person through a mucous membrane (found in the rectum, vagina, mouth, or tip of the penis), through open cuts or sores, or by direct injection (from a needle or syringe). People with HIV who take HIV medicine as prescribed and get ..
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When living with HIV for over 17 years untreated with no medication, can I still go for treatment and be helped Yes of course. You should get an appointment with an Infectious Disease doctor. You will be prescribed antiretroviral medications which can stop the infection from progressing..

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